Action Comics #984 Review

Action Comics #984 Review and SPOILERS – Revenge

It is time to finish up our Superman Revenge Squad arc and also see what fresh hell this group will unleash on earth if they get their way and set Zod’s ghost army free from the Phantom Zone. In our previous issue, we watched the majority of our Super League sent to the zone following the villains completely kicked their ass, but that’s not all. It seems that Zod simply can not turn the projector and find his military, he needs someone to go in and lead them out and also the two that got the short end of the stick on this you’re Cyborg Superman and Eradicator. So yeah, We’ve Got a Whole Lot of heroes and two villains from the Phantom Zone, while Zod and the rest of the Revenge Squad have control of the Fortress of Solitude and also an unconscious Supergirl. Let’s jump into this issue and see our heroes will predominate and should Cyborg Superman gets to maintain his Oblivion Stone. Let’s test it out.

Yeah, Metallo’s the first to talk against Zod, that makes him backhanded and Mongul begins to dip in before Zod punches him to outer space…and while I have never enjoyed Blanque. . It seems he gets it that the worst of all since he’s forced to keep contact with Eradicator with his telepathy, but doing this while Eradicator is at the Phantom Zone seems to be too much for the villain to handle and in the long run, it looks like old Blanque does not survive this issue for this.

So yeah, the Revenge Squad appears to be broken up and while that is going on, the Super League are attempting to stop Eradicator and Cyborg Superman from finding Zod’s armies in the Phantom Zone and while the vast majority of this region of the publication is done fairly well, there are a few inconsistencies that just got on my nerves, such as Eradicator using his powers, then later Superman telling him he does not have powers at the Phantom Zone and even Superman simply getting his eye sight back because of being transported in the Zone and maintaining it after he escapes. . It simply felt like a strange method to create Superman less than what he’s until we do not have to anymore. The protagonist finds what Zod was looking for and it turns out it was his wife Ursa and his son Lor-Zod that Zod wanted this entire time and once Eradicator sends word that they are found, Zod opens the Phantom Zone, mercifully Superman tags along for the ride home.

Ultimately, we see Supergirl and Jon from the Kryptonian battle armor kept Zod busy this time and even was able to injure him to the point he makes the decision to retreat once Ursa and Lor-Zod are totally free of the Phantom Zone and Superman employs the projector to spare the remainder of the Super League, leaving Cyborg Superman inside to think of what he’s done. As our issue closes, we get to realize that the mysterious voice that we watched the previous issue and here helped Jon fight Zod was actually Mr. Oz and Zod, Eradicator and his family aren’t done remaking Krypton, it only seems like they’ll settle on doing this on a different planet all together.

That’s it for this issue of Action Comics and while a few of the Phantom Zone stuff felt a bit wonky with how it had been depicted and Superman just getting his eye sight back all willy nilly felt a bit pressured, I have to mention that I found myself loving this dilemma for the large part because it went in a way I did not see coming by the end and even seeded events for future stories ahead. The artwork in this issue was fantastic and I loved the colours, I only wish that the remainder of the Superman Revenge Squad would have been a little better used because Metallo essentially did not do shit this whole arc and Mongul didn’t do much more and were simply throw from this story because they weren’t wanted anymore and with that, it feels like their sole use was to increase the number of Revenge Squad members to produce the roster appear more impressive.

Action Comics #984 Review and SPOILERS
Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Patrick Zircher, Hi-Fi, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 26, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

While I enjoyed this issue over I thought I would, there’s still a lot of problems with it at the future and a lot of elements to this problem just came off made to get us into a conclusion and setting all of our characters back to their appropriate status quo so that we could proceed from here. The artwork was amazing though and there is a bunch to enjoy about this issue, but overall , it wasn’t the best conclusion to this particular arc.

Score : 6.4/10