Aquaman #26 Review and SPOILERS – Revenge to Atlantis

Though Mera appeared to join up with the Justice League in their final issue, she is still pissed that Arthur is residing somewhere in Atlantis. Mera’s throwing her water forces at the Crown of Thorns in a vain attempt to, well, break it. It is causing a terrible noise around Atlantis, but Rath is advised that the thorns will hold– so he smugly hangs back and guide his defenses to twist around with these mutants at the Lower Trides more. Talking of which, Aquaman and his new pal Dolphin are still skirting down there, beating up guards and, for some reason, not alerting everyone to the fact that the old Atlantean king isn’t dead.

Aquaman #26 Review

I mean, it is regarded as a rumor, but you would think it could be a tough reality by now. He introduces himself to Dolphin as Orm, but he’s definitely wearing the Aquaman uniform plus he looks like Arthur Curry! I am not sure that he does not have amnesia or something. Anyhow, Dolphin uses this bioluminescent burst to provide all the guards so that she and Arthur can drift away.

Meanwhile, the Murk is interrogating Vulko (who was busted calling Mera final issue) to find out more about the Deluge, but Vulko merely brands him a traitor and says nothing despite being tortured. Murk even lets slide that Mera is the one making the big, booming sounds against the Crown of Thorns, more evidence that he’s in on a conspiracy with Aquaman. Later on, Dolphin takes Aquaman to some shipwreck that functions as the headquarters to the Deluge in which they give Arthur a ton of shit for appearing like Aquaman. This is observed by crime leader and crab-faced mutant guy Krush, viewing with this awesome closed circuit system carried by crabs through the tips of their claws. His screening is rudely disrupted by Drift Commander Urcell, who has turned Krush into an informant in return for just breaking his crabby chunks a bit. She wants to know if these rumors concerning Aquaman being living are accurate, and he’s able to convince her that they are not–but if Urcell leaves, he sends one of his minions, Kadaver, to go retrieve this so-called Not Aquaman.

Vulko’s behind bars, raving like a madman about how how relentless Mera is, once Reverend Mother Cetera in the Widowhood casually strolls by and strikes up a conversation. Seems that she is none too thrilled about Corum Rath’s style of direction, and believes that the throne could utilize a shake-up. Despite not actually liking Vulko’s approaches or deference to Arthur Curry, she sets him free in hopes that he’ll unseat Rath and restore some kind of normality into Atlantis. At Deluge headquarters, Kadaver shows up and kills one of the crew instantly, I guess to exhibit his lethal powers, subsequently brawls with Aquaman for an acceptable amount of panels. Seems Kadaver has got like coral-growing powers, and so he can create any shape immediately from the red crud on his shoulders. Aquaman beats the holy hell out of him but Kadaver is still able to subdue him with an electric shock and is poised to skewer him with coral, when Krush comes across the aquacom and says to bring him back alive!

Here we have a regular, serviceable Aquaman narrative, as Dan Abnett has been composing fairly consistently throughout his time on the sequence. But the event are ratcheted up a few notches by the colorful artwork and specialist storytelling of Stjepan Sejic. That is a much needed shot in the arm for this particular series, which was seldom terrible or incredibly thrilling. With art like this, the once-monthly program at a dollar higher per problem will be absolutely no problem for fans of the personality–or lovers of good superhero comic bookery.

Aquaman #26 Review and SPOILERS
Story: Dan Abnett
Art, Color and Cover: Stjepan Sejic
Lettering: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: July 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

A cool story about Aquaman slumming from the expression shoals of Atlantis is made more spectacular by the terrific drawing and coloring by Stjepan Sejic. As soon as I saw that this comic was moving monthly and gaining a dollar, I believed it was really on a death march. Now, I believe we are seeing another Rebirth for Aquaman, and it’s one you ought to take a look at.

Score : 8/10