Batgirl #13 Review & SPOILERS

Batgirl #13 Review & SPOILERS – The Truth About Bats & Dogs

Do you think she will ask Batgirl to become one of her bridesmaids at the wedding to Batman? And if so, will never be able to put on her cowl with all the bridesmaids’ dress? Lord, I hope so. In actuality, I can’t wait to find out: take a look at my review of Batgirl #13, right here! This is a story about a little girl that lost a dog, and the terrible, horrible, horrible babysitter that almost got her killed attempting to discover it. Seems that among the students, named Esme, in Barbara Gordon’s course is missing a dog, Rookie, and she’s taken to the mean streets of Gotham City to discover it. She faces a difficult street gang pulled right out of a Troma movie, who even go so far as to threaten this nine year-old, but Batgirl intervenes and scares everybody off with her, uh, purple coat?

Batgirl #13 Review

Batgirl asks Esme what’s her harm, and Esme explains that she’s looking for Rookie, an internet-famous firehouse puppy on the DCU’s version of Instagram. He has gone missing, and Esme figured she should tape a flashlight to a helmet and go find the mutt. Batgirl tells Esme that she should go back to her residence, in South Burnside, also Esme calls her out for profiling. That’s when Batgirl concocts this ludicrous excuse about understanding Barbara Gordon and having been informed concerning Esme already, that Esme swallows because she is nine years-old. She won’t be nine forever, though, and will put two and two together soon enough!

Just before they’re going to go home, Batgirl and Esme spy Catwoman skulking around, so Batgirl puts Esme on her back and tells her to keep a lid on it while Babs investigates the scene, since she is the worst babysitter in the world. Can I wake up in a different dimension or something? After the hell is something like this proper for a superhero? This sort of scene has occurred in comic books lots of days before, and that which generally happens is that the protagonist receives the victim to safety first–no matter what–and as a recourse misses trailing the Joker or quitting Black Manta or anything. Here, Batgirl sticks a kid on her back like some kind of Yoda and wades right into battle. I just can’t get more than this. It is so wrong, it’s hilarious. The jig being up, Batgirl immediately lunges at Catwoman, but before much can occur Catwoman says she’s searching for her missing cat, Isis–additionally an Instagram celebrity–and was just chatting with all the local cats about it because of the superior sense of smell. Now, I really don’t know that Batgirl instantly attacking Catwoman for hanging out with a lot of stray cats is expected behavior, either. But after endangering a child by taking her with her nightly rounds, I’m willing to accept anything.

Anyway, there is this whole thing about how these Instagram creatures shill produces, or some thing, and by linking up with this pet cologne they could track down Rookie and Isis. The pets have been kept at a caged menagerie and other Instagram celebrity animals by Velvet Tiger, a pretty weird DCU villain. She needs all the famous animals because she’s crazy, I guess? Oh, also ESME IS THERE THE Whole TIME. Catwoman takes away, and Batgirl takes Esme house to South Burnside, where we learn she’s a shitty in-house scenario, or so the book ends on a high note.

So there’s a strong streak of Batman ’66 running through Batgirl recently, with the convenient conclusions and ridiculous costumed fighting. I enjoyed her interactions with Catwoman, and if it were not being managed by a completely different creative team I’d say it bodes well for the near future of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Batgirl hauling Esme around on a criminal case has been the height of ridiculousness, and should never have occurred in the way that it did. On the opposite side of this table (as Chris says), I truly liked the art. I think I clued into Inaki Miranda when she did a version cover a few weeks before, and seeing her work in this issue is a joy. Pretty much the sole delight, but for the bliss–directed at, and not with this particular comic book.

Batgirl #13 Review
Script: Hope Larson
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva De La Cruz
Letters: Deron Bennett
Cover: Dan Mora
Cover Price: $3.99

Bits and Pieces:

This comic book is just idiotic. The story is contrived, the scenarios incredible, and the main character is a simpleton. However, the art is actually something to see in this issue. Therefore, in case you’ve got a tendency towards the visuals, or if you enjoy laughing at ridiculous comics, then perhaps you can give it a peek.

Score : 6/10