Batman #27 Review

Batman #27 Review and SPOILERS – Hell No

The War of Jokes and Riddles was somewhat disappointing in my opinion because where we’ve got this cool idea for a story, we are just shown the least intriguing components of this, while trying to determine in what world would the Joker, after only being the Joker for what seems like a bit under a year could lose his damn sense of humor. Also, but the Riddler just spouts off riddles that don’t appear to do anything for the story, although the two are putting up for a war that we’re only given one dash page to view. That is exactly what I want to view damn it, show it! Anyway, when we last left the war, Riddler was getting Poison Ivy on his side, although the Joker was getting the full force of their Falcone crime family on his own. Through the Penguin, which I’m imagining is behaving secretly on Joker’s behalf because even though Carmine was still alive at the end of the last problem, his helping that the Joker would just seem off. Alright, let’s jump into this interlude here and check out the roots of Kite-Man. for some reason. Let’s check it out.

Batman #27

People seem to be more ga-ga over Kite-Man in this Rebirth age of Batman and even though I was a fan of Garth Ennis’ Section Eight book, in which the personality Grapplah, only stated Grapplah over and over again, at this publication was supposed to be humorous and that character just seemed to be played Ennis’ character Spacker Dave in his Punisher run. We simply have Kite Man saying his name again and then Hell Yeah afterwards and that I simply don’t get the love which everyone appears to be throwing his way because it warrants a source story during the center of Batman’s large summertime and again. I don’t get it. That being said, we jump to this issue and see that Batman really fucked over Kite-Man’s life and turned into the guy who was only simply interested in end to the ridiculous villain that he would eventually become because he worked about the aerodynamics of the Joker-Mobile.

Here we see this loser-ish guy Chuck Brown, forced by Batman to establish a meeting between him and the Joker to ensure Batman can find out about his whereabouts and this becomes the catalyst for Chuck’s life being torn to pieces because Riddler finds out about that and wishes to learn about where the assembly is happening and this turns into a large ass skirmish between the 2 sides of this War. That we only get to view in a splash page prior to the Joker takes Chuck off to go and watch TV. Yeah, I’m not certain why the Joker is maintaining Chuck living and neither does he, but since the Riddler planned on Batman showing up because of Chuck, he’d previously poisoned the series of Chuck’s son’s kite and the boy dies because of it.

Ultimately, we see that Batman did fuck up Chuck’s lifetime and because of his son’s death and because of the consequent war and Batman’s harassment, Chuck decides to take matters into his own hands and generates the Kite-Man persona and combines Joker’s side in the war. Also, he develops the Hell Yeah catchphrase because his son was able to say it and Chuck would tell him not to because in the event that you say it, you may wind up going to this location, but with him saying that line to the Joker at the end of the problem, it appears that Chuck’s life itself has turned into hell and that he just doesn’t care anymore

That is it for this issue of Bamtan along with the roots of Kite-Man and while there are a number of fascinating things to think about about in this issue such as the nature of what is a joke and what is a riddle and when the Joker wondering about this makes him feel like he’s just a mimic of the Riddler himself and that is what made him lose his sense of comedy. It still doesn’t jive with what we saw leading up to the war at the first place and this issue remains rife with traces repeating themselves and just makes you wonder whether Batman’s biggest loser in this time, which he is hoping to relay to Selena is just how awful he fucked Kite-Man over because that is all I actually escape from this matter and if that’s his biggest loser. The artwork in this issue is incredible though, but all in all this just feels like a different weird installment to this arc, in which the Riddler does not feel as the Riddler and the Joker does not feel as the Joker and I am only starting to wonder whether that’s the point to all of the and with us missing out on all of the action going on around town, I find myself caring less and less each issue.

Batman #27 Review and SPOILERS
Written By: Tom King
Art By: Clay Mann, Danny Miki, John Livesay, Gabe Eltaeb, Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

As you miss out with of the interesting stuff happening through Gotham City in this issue, what you get instead is the source of Kite-Man and when understanding the villain says Hell Yeah over and over again is the idea of a good time. Well, this issue just may be for you. The art is amazing though, but the figures in this story continue to feel strange and we are passing up the majority of the story it seems, while Batman has been create his very own villains. Even if they are ridiculous.

Score : 6.5/10