Batman #28 Comics Review and Spoilers – August 2017

Let us move back into the War of Jokes and Riddles…where we’ll hopefully see some of that awesome emerging war, instead of Joker sitting and watching the facts about what is going on with the war. Yeah, I am a bit frustrated with this arc so much because we actually haven’t gotten anything from it aside from the concept and following last problem, the source of Kite-Man. So yeah, not much. Let’s jump into this issue and see if the war starts getting interesting or whether it’s shown through another single spread page and that’s it. Let us check it out.

Batman #28 Comics Review

Instantly, I am frustrated when I start this issue because we start out with Batman telling Selena the narrative of this Jokes and Riddles, just like we’ve had through the majority of the arc so far, but the way in which the story is told is annoying as shit since Batman talks about watching Jim Gordon and extends on explaining that meeting by saying, he said, then I said and then he said…and thankfully, it does not continue like that during the issue since I would have pulled by bloody hair out. Anyway, the purpose of the issue is that Joker has accepted the west side of town and Riddler has obtained the east and most of the conflict continues at a park, and this will be in the middle of the two lands and every few days that the fighting stops so that the cops can take out the dead bodies of their innocent bystanders…because since this story takes place in the past, you are aware that none of the villains involved expired so there’s really no effect with this.

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During one of those body removals, Gordon leaves a note requesting a meeting with the Joker and the Riddler and after that takes place, it seems that the only solution in ending the warfare is handing Batman around to one or another. So yeah, that is not going to work so Gordon figures he’ll call in the Feds, that ought to have happened well before today for the body count involved and for the fact that the majority of the town appears to be held hostage by the violence, but I suppose better late than never. With it seeming like Gordon isn’t about to turn Batman over, Riddler sends Deathstroke to kill our hero by setting up a sniper’s perch across in the GCPD, however, the Joker has a similar idea and sends Deadshot to perform the same at a building throughout the way, which leads both to begin trying to kill each other.. Which goes for five days before Batman can stop them, chalking up a hundred and eight casualties, and of course both units of Special Forces that went in during that opportunity to prevent the Joker and Riddler, that never made it back. So yeah, there’s a shit load of dead bodies here and somehow this war started as both Joker and Riddler wanted to kill Batman since he had been too great. Yeah, not really seeing that here.

In the long run, but really, prior to the Deadshot and Deathstroke bit went on, Kite-Man tried to recruit Catwoman into Joker’s side and had been thrown out a window for his troubles and that’s where we watch Batman and Catwoman socialize, which really pisses me off because today Batman is relaying information to a particular person who was in Gotham through all of this crap and would know the majority of it.

Yeah, we finally get to see a bit of a battle of two villains about the various surfaces of the war, but mostly we only hear that a shit load of people died from it and recognize that Batman is awful in being Batman. The narration is very frustrating as the book begins out and then we return to the repeating dialog, which is apparently a trope of King’s that is just really getting old fast. I truly hope that there’s some redeeming quality to this arc since as of right now, it just makes me think that Batman isn’t the hero that I believed he was and following the casualties suffered from this war so far, I really don’t understand how anybody in Gotham ever trusted him as their hero ever.

Batman #28 Comics Review & Spoilers
Written By: Tom King
Art By: Mikel Janin, June Chung, Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 2, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

The War rages on, but just like usual, we do not get to see most of it and are told what’s going on through narration and because this arc is taking place in the past, all tension that someone important might die is entirely lost. Overall, Batman comes off terrible at being a superhero in this issue and while I still love the artwork, the War of Jokes and Riddles is just really wearing on me.

Score : 5.5/10