California Department of Fish and Game – Deer Season 2018

California deer season 2016 Overall will Start in zones B1-B3, B5, B6, C1-C4, D6, D7, X9A, X9B and X12 on Saturday, Sept. 17. The California Department of Fish and game reminds hunters to pay careful attention to the incidence of wild fires within their favorite hunting spots. Current info on forest closures are located in www,,gov/hunting/area-alerts. In addition to tracking forest closures, CDFW recommends hunters scout potential searching places before the day of their hunt. Deer can sometimes be hard to locate, and pre-existing knowledge of deer bedding and feeding areas will provide invaluable insight and help optimize odds of succeeding.

California Department of Fish and Game - Deer Season 2017

Hunters are advised that as of July 1, 2015 nonlead ammunition is required when searching on state wildlife areas and ecological reserves. Lead ammunition may nevertheless be used to hunt deer on Bureau of Land Management (BLM), national forest and private lands until July 1, 2019. Deer tags are still available for lots of the state’s most popular zones. Hunting licenses and tags can be purchased online, at among CDFW’s license sales offices or through a permit sales agent. For more information on deer hunting seasons and zones, see the 2016 Big Game Hunting Digest. Particular zone maps and information will also be available online.

Every buyer of a deer tag must report their harvest, even when they were ineffective. For effective hunters, the report must be produced within 30 days of harvesting a bull or from Jan. 31, whichever date is first. Unsuccessful hunters, and people who bought a label but did not hunt, must report by Jan. 31. Harvest reports could be submitted online or from U.S. mail to CDFW Wildlife Branch, P.O. Box 944209, Sacramento, CA 94299-0002.

Hunter harvest numbers are an essential element of CDFW’s yearly population investigation, and therefore are key to ensuring sustainable bull populations and hunting opportunities for future generations. Studies have revealed that the most precise harvest estimates are obtained from hunter-generated reports. Yet historically, only 30 percent of hunters have submitted compulsory harvest reports. You can check California deer season 2018 below (click to zooming) :

California deer season 2018

To be able to improve hunter reporting rates and collect much better hunter harvest information, non-reporting charges were instituted in 2016. Tag holders who don’t report will be billed a non-reporting fee of $21.60, which is added to permit purchases starting with the 2017-2018 season. The sale of hunting permits and tags provides approximately $25 million annually to CDFW to finance research and management of California’s wildlife, including the enforcement of fish and wildlife laws, crucial habitat conservation, post-wildfire forest recovery and wildlife migration and population studies.

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