Campervan, Caravan or Tent? Explore it all here

Everybody goes camping for different reasons but it got us wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of employing a campervan, caravan or tent. So, what do you need for camping? campervan, caravan or tent?. And now we thought we would explore the three choices about caravan, campervan or tent.

Campervan, Caravan or Tent


Using a tent is a great way of really feeling really outside but being able to keep well-intentioned. You can really listen to the rain, feel the warmth of the sun and the power of the wind. The acoustic sound of character really permeates the canvas also giving everybody a fantastic camping alarm clock. Tents come in all shapes and sizes and there will definitely be the right one available depending upon your needs and your budget. Should you like to go backpacking then the weight of the tent is your priority. However, if you’ve got a huge family then it is important to get a tent with all the right living spaces and bedrooms.

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Safety can be a bit of an issue depending on where you choose to pitch your tent. Canvas and zips aren’t exactly the best protection against petty thieves so it’s wise not to leave anything of value in your tent when you’re away, particularly as you may discover your insurance won’t replace anything if it was taken from an unprotected space. Some are not too powerful in howling gales and you do not want to wind up sleeping in the vehicle as your tent failed in the middle of the night…as we found out!


Employing a campervan is a great way of reducing the hassle of regular camping trips, but without needing to do without anything. Everything remains in the van ready for your next trip and so long as you keep everything tidy there’s very little to do before you set off on your trip. It’s also great when you have a family as you can all sleep in the same vehicle and have cooking and storage facilities easily available without needing to package or re-pack anything. Additionally, it is much more secure as windows and doors can be secured, and so long as you keep the vehicle correctly it rarely lets you down.

However, unless you will use the campervan regularly it can be an costly and underused asset that only sits outside the home waiting for another excursion. However, with a little bit of creative thinking they may be used as a children playroom, extra guest bed or home office if you are willing to risk your stunning campervan getting a bit messy. However, if something goes wrong then healing work could be expensive. Additionally, unless you have quite a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket you’ll need to settle for older vehicles that have higher maintenance invoices and a slower engine so you will definitely have to get used to permitting more time to get to your destination, even while pulling over frequently to let the chain of vehicles supporting you move by.

One other issue with the campervan could be that after pitching up in your destination you soon have to pack up everything to be able to move off to some other location to acquire supplies, go surfing or anything else the family might want to become involved in. Also, if you don’t leave an abysmal in your campsite or have a trailer you will find the van to be crammed with camping paraphernalia in-between stops.


Caravans have previously likely been both the hottest and also the very famous mode of camping. Many men and women love them and hate them at equal measure. But we feel they’re receiving a new lease of life inside the camping world. We’re now starting to find some glorious examples of caravan history being re-loved and re-introduced into the campsite. They come with the benefits of the camper van that they can be left packed and ready for another camping trip, however, they can also be saved nearer to your normal holiday destination and, based on your towing vehicle of selection, may often be quicker than a similar aged campervan.

They are great for a family as after at the campsite they may be pitched and abandoned for the whole time you’re there, without decreasing your ability to move around from place to place in your tow vehicle. This cuts down on the hassle factor and means that the family can focus on their holiday rather than the job of un-packing and re-packing.

But one of the advantages of a caravan is that they are sometimes used for other purposes when they are not about the campsite. They are sometimes a play room for the kids, a workplace, an additional bed for guests plus a little company if you are eager to hire them out to those without the comfort of a caravan. As they are easily moved, You might even pitch up them in a sunny corner of this backyard as a summer home.