Cyborg #15 Comics Review & SPOILERS – August 2017

Cyborg’s struggle against Anomaly continues in this problem and while our main bad guy of this show so far does not appear to be the danger that he once was, it is the actions of an Anomaly from a parallel world that we are currently dealing with today that our hero and his buddies have been sucked through a wormhole to another world, at which Anomaly resisted the OTAC virus, which started changing people into Mecha-Humans with the urge to produce the world in their image. Only a few people are left to withstand and as we saw in the preceding issue, one of them is Cyborg’s mother, that in this world is living and summoned her son throughout Anomaly to come and rescue the people of the planet. Hopefully Cyborg is able to perform it because it looks like in order to acquire the cure, he’s going to have to experience the Metal Men to do it. Let us jump into this issue and see if this installment picks up the pace of this series or if it’s only more of the same nonsense. Let us check it out our review Cyborg #15 :

Our issue begins with Dr. Elinore Stone recapping the things we heard about last problem, like Anomaly actually achieving his goal to destroy humanity in this world and the weird part is.. We never observe the Anomaly out of our planet do anything in this problem. You’d think after showing him that the nightmare he would have created that he’d have reverse osmosis or something and combined our heroes in their search to find the cure, but instead he just disappears with no explanation in any way. So yeah, after the recap is finished, we find out that before he died, Dr. Elias Stone had developed a remedy against the OTAC virus, but in order for it to operate, it would have to first be recovered into Cyborg due to his special blood, then it’d be able to cure the world, but the only issue here is, it appears that the Cyborg of the world has already died, leading Elinore to find an alternate version of her son to fulfill the undertaking.

Cyborg #15 Comics

When the exposition is out of the way, we visit Cyborg, Variant, Beast Boy and Exxy make their way to Silas’ old lab, where they’re met by a shitload of Mecha-humans.. And this book becomes crap again, but where this crap has come out of nowhere before with no excuse, here we at least learn that there’s a guy or something behind the curtain of all this because Cyborg begins having issues with his vision again, where he’s forced to fight some robot creature before seeing the jazz participant Blue, who now tells him that a great deal is riding on him and that he wants to begin paying attention to what is around him.. Yeah, it’s not much of an excuse to what is going on in this book, but it at least allows me to know that there is a reason behind Cyborg to be needing these visions now besides for John Semper Jr. simply dropping acid and composing weird shit.

In the end, after Cyborg’s vision has passed, we all find out that Variant has been accepted by the Mecha-humans and the only way to receive her back today is to find the cure in the laboratory.. That Cyborg finds by having his vision get all fucked up again and then talking about how everything is digitized data..Yeah, I really don’t quite understand what is happening with this bit, but this whole thing contributes to a large fight with all the Metal Men, who have been programmed to just give the cure to Cyborg, but see this variant as an impostor. Exxy finally pulls his burden in this issue and finds a way to reprogram them, but we’ve got bigger problems than the metallic Men for our cliffhanger because instead of finding the cure they were looking for, they find a hologram of the world’s Cyborg, who seems to be living and has the cure.. And wants to kill our Cyborg so that he can dominate the planet.

That is it for this issue of Cyborg and while I find this new narrative about rescuing this parallel world from tragedy more enjoyable and interesting than what we were getting previously, it’s still somewhat boring at times and it really chaps my ass that John Semper Jr. is just throwing out parallel worlds out there all willy nilly when we only have a specific amount of Universes to play with in the Multiverse and we already know exactly what the vast majority of them are.. Which is not this. The artwork in this issue is adequate and I enjoy that we finally know that something is up with Cyborg past Anomaly’s viruses using these visions he’s having, however there is not enough explained to really give me an understanding about what this will be and that is bothersome. Overall, Cyborg still is not a book that I really enjoy and with this story continuing on, I don’t see it getting one.

Cyborg #15 Comics Review & SPOILERS
Written By: John Semper Jr.
Art By: Cliff Richards, Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 2, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

Cyborg, while offering us a little more of an interesting plot, still comes off a bit dull and weird at precisely the same time and while we’re getting dribs and drabs of items which are attempting to find that weird bit from the way, it is not all the way there yet. The art in this book is adequate and conveys the story well, but the narrative not being that interesting entire is your issue. Yeah, I still hope that I’ll get a Cyborg publication that I’ll enjoy, but using this long drawn out storyline, I really don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Score : 5.3/10