Daredevil #24 Reviews

Daredevil #24 Review – “SUPREME” Marvel Monday

Well I did not bury the lead. Alec Morgan’s assault on my eyeballs proceeds in this problem. We get a little more close ups of weird distorted faces that look like they came straight from an M.C. Escher ‘Hands with Globe’ sketch pad. Except that these have no wallpapers and likely took moments to draw if the artist was at the eighth grade…Enjoy. Daredevil #24 Review :

Daredevil #24Review

We start to a newspaper article announcing the reduction of Matt Murdock into Legal in the appeals court case from past iss. Which has me already angered, because this will be issue 4 of a 5 issue court case and all of the legal stuff is happening off panel. All we have been treated to is pressured angst, forced tension, and a very weak sense of a possibility for some impacts for our hero. I mean what will the judges do force Daredevil to remove his mask? (Yeah right). Worst thing that could happen is Matt is thought of as a lawful pariah for a small while. On the other hand if Matt wins Vigilantes could testify in court and legally spy on you.

Matt’s boss, the District Attorney, isn’t happy with the outcomes of the 2nd appeal. That Matt points out to his boss rather cock sure and casual. Matt intends to carry it all of the way up into the Supreme Court. To that I say no more shit you noticed this narrative arc ‘SUPREME’. Matt’s boss informs Matt when he does so he’ll be doing it alone no employees, no tools, no help what so in the D.A. aspect of things. To this I say who cares it isn’t like we’ve seen Matt use much help. Of the arc, but Matt did all the mind function and paper work before hand for them. He made it an up to the foul plate slam dunk case for them.

We turn our attention to Kingpin’s penthouse where he’s using a congratulatory talk with Legal. Except he is a pretentious dick. I can’t think Wilson Fisk does not kill him here as he mansplains the way the law works to Fisk. Fisk is keeping Legal on citizenship since Fisk does not think Matt Murdock has been finished. It needs to be the only possible reason Legal is living right now. Kingpin talks to Wesley telling him to bring in Strategy B and I sigh. Because Plan B is Tombstone and he was not successful as last issue’s Strategy B. That was really Plan A called Plan B.

We next jump into the sole reason to see this issue. Foggy Nelson reuniting with Matt Murdock. That should be fun and exciting but rather it’s infuriating and boring. Matt finds Foggy at the bar because following Foggy’s comeback from cancer I guess he chose to become a total drunk that enjoys this bar because of the completely free hot dogs. So, Matt isn’t surprised that Foggy is at this bar but he’s surprised that Foggy understands about his collapse at appeals court. However, I get over that quick when I see the newspaper appears out of nowhere. Seriously, first panel of the page is a distance shot of the bar NO paper. The next thing you know a flaming hot dog machine of advantage appears and so does a newspaper.

Now I am not the smartest person on the planet and I am no writist but what I am is a connoisseur of hot dogs. Having been a chef for 15 years now I can tell you there are a lot of reasons why having an open-flame hot dog warmer machine just all willy-nilly supporting the bar is dumb as fuck to get a plot point but that would be putting the cart before the horse.

As Foggy sits in this very public and inhabited pub and yells at Matt for dressing up in a costume as Daredevil, nicely with in ear shot of individuals. We’re treated to the Foggy’s woe is the life of a super hero’s friend story till…Strategy B reveals.

Tombstone has came again! With a couple guys that kill. That is till they’re conquered by soggy newspaper. We get to appreciate some of the most idiotic comic logic I have seen since the Silver age reading I did awhile back. The open-flame hot dog warmer system comes in use here. When Matt Murdock soaks a newspaper with his beverage and throws it on the, full of hot dogs, warming machine.

Have I said it’s a heating machine yet? Well seemingly nobody involved in this comic understands what a hot dog warming machine does. So, visit the local gas station and check. Go ahead I will wait patiently. What is that? Oh no, it does not matter what gas station almost every single one of them carries one nowadays.

Oh good your spine. Did you see any flames on any of those hot dog makers? No!? Well then how does Matt produce enough smoke in this pub within moments to make everybody as blind as him? I really don’t fucking know! We get treated to more crappy panel development and also the concept that Alec Morgan does not know how to execute the perception of Matt’s super human perceptions properly. Before Tombstone cries like a bitch and runs off. Apparently that’s the magic word because they’re a team again. Thee end.

Daredevil #24 Review
Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Alec Morgan and Matt Milla
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

Bits and Pieces:

I’m mad I was ever excited for this story arc. We receive Ron Garney back on artwork in another month.

Score : 5/10