How to fix Error Code 18 in Google Play Store

There are lots of methods to repair error code 18 in Google Play Store. This error prevents users from downloading or upgrading Android apps. If you have just bought a new phone and getting this error code while trying an app installation, you may have put the incorrect date/time on your apparatus. In this scenario, simply resetting the suitable time will fix the issue. Sometimes Play Store error 18 is caused by low storage issue and you’ll have to make enough space in your device before program installation. Another way to mend Google Play Store error code 18 is by simply clearing information of Google Play from the program settings. Multiple options for app can not install error code 18 in Google Play Store are mentioned below :

How to fix error code 18 in Google Play Store ?

Error Code 18 in Google Play Store

Method 1: Reset Data and Time

  1. Open Settings >> Data & Time
  2. See if the time and date is correct
  3. Unselect “Automatic data and time” and “Time Zone”
  4. Manually set the correct date and time
  5. Go back to homescreen
  6. Again to date & time settings and then enable “Automatic date and time”.

Method 2: Clear cache and data
This is the most popular method to fix the majority of Google Play Store error messages :

  1. Open settings >> Apps >> All
  2. Scroll down and choose “Google Play Store”
  3. Tap “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”
  4. Then from All >> Select “Google Service Framework”
  5. Tap “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”
  6. Additionally, clear data for “Download Manager”
  7. Notice: First, backup everything in downloads folder

Method 3: Uninstall Play Store updates
This is another general repair for Google Play compatibility problems using an OS upgrade. Many consumers of Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow have used the “uninstalling Google Play Store update” method to correct various error codes :

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  2. Scroll down and select “Google Play Store”
  3. Tap “Uninstall updates” >> OK
  4. Now update or download apps/games from Play Store

The Google Play Store app is going to be reverted to its initial version and it is going to automatically upgrade to the latest version as soon as you’re online.

Method 4: Free storage space
At times the mistake 18 may seem in Google Play Store should you have quite low storage space in your apparatus or microSD card. In such a scenario, do the following to free the external or internal storage:

  1. Uninstall unwanted games/apps
  2. Move all of the photos from your phone to your PC or external harddrive
  3. Delete system cache, junk files etc using apps like cleanmaster
  4. Move apps to SDcard/external storage from app settings. If you have older operating systems you may not be able to do this.
  5. Wipe cache partition

If all methods doesn’t work, then you might have to factory reset your device. But first visit configurations >> About >> System upgrade and assess if there’s a new firmware available. Install the most recent firmware for your Android apparatus. Among the above approaches should work for most Android users.