How to Change Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy S4

As one of the customizable role in the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Home display inside this smartphone is allowed you to bring the new Home display, eliminate one or more Home display or perhaps rearrange its position per your wish to fit your needs. However, use the Home display as required is the better choice to prevent an increase of the RAM applications which may led a few issues to your smartphone.

How to Change Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy S4
How to change Home screen on Galaxy S4

In case you discovered, in certain Home display available in the telephone, one of these will always look whenever you flip on the smartphone. This Home display is your default Home screen which is generally has the clock or weather widget near the top of the display. Luckily, you’re free to assign another Home screen as the default if you don’t enjoy the previous one. Below how to change home screen with easy steps :

How to change default Home screen on Galaxy S4?
To do so kindly follow the steps listed under:

  1. In the Home screen, tap the Menu key then select Edit page. Or, you can also pinch the Home screen to enter the edit page.
  2. The default Home screen is the one with the highlighted Home icon.
  3. To change the default, tap the Home icon at the top of the desired Home screen you wish to set as the default.
  4. When the Home icon is highlighted means the selected Home screen has been activated as the default.

Now, whenever you turn on the phone, you’ll see the new default Home screen appear. As a note, one thing that differentiates between the default Home screen and another additional Home screen is when you remove the default then you’ll be presented with the notification to ask you whether you really want to delete or not. So, this will more useful if you choose the Home screen which is contain more important apps or widgets than another because this will be able to help you to prevent accidentally removing the Home screen while you’re in the edit page to customise all of your Home screen.