[Solved] How to Fix com.android.vending has stopped

The application process com.android.vending stopped suddenly is a frequent android mistake impacting Google Play Store. The influenced android smartphone or tablet will get this error message repeatedly until its fixed. This error can also prevent users from installing or upgrading their programs and games. Fixing this error entails clearing cache and data of Google Play Store, uninstalling updates and deleting downloading data. Here are a few of the fixes for procedure com.android.vending has stopped error in Google Play:

How to fix com.android.vending has stopped unexpectedly ?


Method 1: Clear Play Store data and uninstall updates

  1. Open Settings >> Apps >> Swipe screen left to reach “All”tab
  2. Scroll down and choose “Google Play Store”
  3. Then choose “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”
  4. Next tap “Uninstall updates”
  5. The error should be resolved

Method 2: Install GAPPs

If you are using a customized ROM like cyanongenmod, a simple reflashing of the suitable GAPPS bundle via recovery will fix the matter. First download the proper Gapps bundle (zip file) to your Android OS and after that it copy it to your device’s internal memory (on the root/main place). Now boot into recovery and select “install zip from SDcard” and then pick the GAPPs file. If you still receive the error you will need to start a fresh install i.e. flash the entire ROM again.

Method 3: Factory reset

This is the final resort. If all fails, then backup all of your private files and then go to settings >> Backup and reset >> pick “Factory Data Reset”. Reboot device and the error will be fixed. Did any of the above method fix the procedure com.android.vending has ceased error for your android device? Have you got any other proposal or solution for this issue? Let us know in the comments.