Nightwing #25
Nightwing #25

Nightwing #25 Review and SPOILERS – Making A Difference

When we continue stepped into Bludhaven, we saw our hero going through villain after villain on Tiger Shark’s submarine as he tried to find himself away. Too bad when he reached his destination and was completely pooped out of his experience, he discovered Blockbuster waiting for him and using the escape pod for himself, but not before leaving a bomb to Nightwing and the remainder of the Bludhaven outsiders, he considers he getting rid of to save town. It was a hell of a cliffhanger that made it look like our hero wouldn’t survive, but because this is the Nightwing publication, we all know different. Let’s jump into this problem and see how our hero overcomes and if he does, how he is likely to take on Blockbuster. Let’s test it out.

Nightwing #25 Review and SPOILERS

Our issue begins with the bomb ticking down the seconds till detonation. And while I wish we had a tiny bit more time around the clock as of what Nightwing needs to perform, it is fine I suppose because we see Dick backtrack throughout the sub to locate Clock King and the time that Time Bomb used in our Nightwing one-shot, where Wally West showed our hero uses the vest to manipulate time around the sub, allowing him to conserve every villain around the boat before the explosion consumed all of them. Yeah, I really don’t quite get the explanation that Clock King offers about the perils of misusing the vest, but it would appear that Nightwing is okay throughout this issue, so I am saying it is a non-issue.

So yeah, Nightwing is safe, all the villains are saved and with Tiger Shark’s beloved sub destroyed, the pirate goes back into his Casino to find Roland Desmond waiting for him and since Tiger Shark knows that the man betrayed him, he plans to show him who’s the boss by unleashing two Tiger-Shark hybrids on his ass, but it appears that these two creatures are no match for the energy of Blockbuster and by the end of the spectacle, it looks like Tiger Shark knows precisely who the boss is. By now Nightwing shows up, the entire mess is over with and Roland is even waiting for him behind the bar at the casino wanting to make our hero a drink for a job well done. Dick understands that in his current shape that he’s no match for Roland and rather throws some colour the villains manner so as to make him lose a little bit of hands and letting him know that Nightwing plans to stay around in Bludhaven and eventually down him.

In the end, the sunlight is rising in Bludhaven and Dick visits to Shawn’s apartment to try and put his relationship back together from where he left it previously and it would appear that Shawn will not let this happen. That is right, the wonderful love between Dick Grayson and Shawn Tsang is currently over and our hero is single again and Shawn is perhaps getting back into her old ways with Pigeon. If this wasn’t enough of a finish for you, we also see that Roland is now the owner of the casino also is keeping Tiger Shark locked in a emptied out aquarium and that Giz’ involvement with Nightwing and attempting to figure out the Second Hand’s firearms have made him a goal and potentially a dead one because when Giz’ girlfriend Mouse returns home, she uncovers Giz laying his desk over with blood dripping.

That is it for this extra-sized Anniversary issue to Nightwing and I have to say I found myself actually enjoying this issue because while it revealed the kind of affectionate enthusiast that Dick is, together with saving all the villains on Tiger Shark’s sub, although possibly sacrificing his life to get it done, in addition, it demonstrates that he’s a patient hero as well with his talk with Roland Desmond. He had been prepared to sacrifice his life on a long shot after that night, but if he went strong against Blockbuster he knew he’d shed and was willing to postpone things a bit to do it. It was a really good issue of Nightwing that changed things up to the personality by giving him a mission and a villain to move up against to the long haul and, which makes him single again and possibly having to be worried about his former girlfriend later on. I loved the art in this problem and Minkyu Jung continues to kill it whenever he’s on this title and I find myself more interested with here this publication is going than ever before.

Nightwing #25 Review and SPOILERS
Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Minkyu Jung, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

This extra-sized Anniversary issue of Nightwing does not disappoint with it is page use and not only gives us an intriguing response to the question concerning how Nightwing would endure last issue’s cliffhanger, but appeared to push us into a completely new direction for the character and this book with what our hero will probably be confronting coming down the line. The art was great and I find myself all about what tales will be spun out of Bludhaven going forward.

Score : 8/10