[Solved] Restricted Access Changed Data Service blocked

The Restricted Access Changed data service is blocked is a notification messages which generally appears on Moto X, Moto G and Nexus phones. The alert message always appears in the notification slider and then disappears. This is not an Android bug or hardware error, but a simple message of this emergency telephone feature in your mobile phone. While this is an entirely harmless message, it will get annoying and bothersome when the “Restricted access changed” information service is blocked or voice support is obstructed message always seems on the telling.

So, is there a fix for this particular notification message?? No. This is but a built-in message so there’s absolutely no need to worry unless you’re unable to send SMS or get calls. If that’s the case, a simple reboot might fix the SMS and call issues. This error message may also happen when you’ve got a faulty Sim card or you exchange different sim cards several times every day. And it mostly appears while using cellular data and disappears while attached with Wi-Fi networks. Turning off or switching from 3G to 2G seems to have fixed the issue for some but that actually is not a fix if you’re attempting to utilize rapid mobile data connection.

Restricted Access Changed

How to fix Restricted Access Changed Data Service is Blocked notification error on Android phones

Method 1: Blocking Phone notification using third party app

Before you do that, check if your Android apparatus has an integrated feature disable notifications. This attribute could be accessible Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating programs, but some systems may not give access to the “phone” app. Open settings >> sounds and notifications >> Apps >> Scroll down and tap on “Phone” and disable notification. If your phone doesn’t have that feature, it’s time to give some third party apps a try.

If you Android phone is rooted, there is a fix. You can download apps that can block “Restricted access changed” notification.

  • Download Notification blocker app like this one: Notify Block
  • Open the app >> You will be asked to grant notification access >> Tap “OK”
  • Now on the app uncheck “Hide System Apps”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Phone” (com.android.phone)

Now reboot device and see if the error still persists. Inside the notify blocker app, you may discover several “Phone” icons. In the above steps didn’t work, consider disabling notifications for each of the “Phone” icons onto the list.

Method 2: For rooted Devices: Install Notification cleaner app

For this you will need to root your Android and also install Xposed framework. Most rooters will know how to do this:

  • Install Notify Clean and open it
  • Scroll down and tap “Phone”
  • Tap on “Restricted access changed”
  • Now reboot device and the phone notification will be blocked