SLP Interview Questions – From Basic to Potential Questions

It’s that time of year when school-based SLPs are on the hunt for the perfect job. After you apply, waiting for that call or email requesting an interview can be nerve-wracking, but I think prepping for that big interview can be even more stressful. It’s hard to know what kind of questions to expect. You also need to have some questions ready to ask them, too. I’ve compiled a list of SLP interview questions to help you be confident and prepared for your interview!

SLP Interview Questions

It is that time of year when school-based SLPs are on the search for the best job. After you apply, awaiting this call or email requesting an interview could be nerve-wracking, however I believe prepping for that big interview could be even more stressful. It is difficult to understand what sort of questions to expect. You also need to have some questions ready to ask them, too. I have compiled a list of SLP interview questions that will help you become confident and ready for your interview!

Level One: 10 Basic Interview Questions

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?
Tell us a little about your experience. What do you see as your clinical strengths/weaknesses?
Give an example of how you handled one of your most challenging professional experiences.
What testing instruments and assessments have you used in the past? Which ones are your favorites?
What has been your experience with RTI?
How do you approach treatment for articulation/phonology/language delay/disorder?
How would you accommodate/address different kinds of goals within one group?
How do you communicate with parents about students’ goals and progress?
Tell us about a time you collaborated with other professionals in the school.
Tell us about your student teaching experience and any relevant coursework you took in grad school.

Level Two — 20 More Advanced Interview Questions

How do you remain current in the field (workshops/trainings/articles/professional development)?
What do you do when you have a bilingual student come up for evaluation?
What are your sources for choosing specific vocabulary to work on?
Tell us about one of your most challenging cases and how you handled it.
What do you think is the most important thing an SLP does at school?
How would you describe your organizational skills?
What qualities do you like in a supervisor?
How would you handle it if a parent challenges you at an IEP meeting or requests more minutes?
Have you ever been out of compliance (missed testing or IEP timelines)?
Why is this job right for you? Why did you leave your previous job?
How important is knowing the school curriculum to a speech pathologist?
How comfortable are you providing therapy inside the classroom?
What has been your experience with AAC?
If you have a problem at work, will you look for help to fix it?
What do you do when you have a tough student that is not making progress?
How do you build rapport with students?
Have you incorporated Common Core standards in your IEPs?
How do you qualify/make a student eligible for speech therapy?
Tell us about your favorite student during your years as an SLP.
What do you like the most about school-age kids?

Furthermore, anticipate the interviewers to discuss case studies together with you, either verbally or written, about students with particular communication disorders and what you would do together. Also, you might be videotaped! I had been videotaped during an interview so that it could be demonstrated to multiple attorneys.. That was not stressful at all!

If you are bilingual, your speech speaking skills will be assessed orally and/or on a writing evaluation. I was always ready to talk in Spanish during any interview I engaged in.

10 Questions for You to Ask Potential Employers:

How many students are on the typical caseload?
Will I be case managing my speech-only students (sending out meeting notices and finalizing paperwork)?
Which computer program for IEPs does the district use?
Do you anticipate splitting me between more than one building?
Will I have a private office or room for therapy supplies and assessment materials?
Is there a mentoring program for first and second year personnel in the district?
Is there a materials budget?
How many SLPs are in the district?
I prefer this type of student/population — is an opening available working with them?
When will I hear about a second interview or when you have made your decision?

Take the chance when you are asking questions to discuss whatever you did not say about your job experience that was not touched on throughout their questioning. For example, if you had an wonderful example about a previous client, you are able to share it with your interviewers. Ok, Now you can go into that interview feeling amazing. I believe in you! Best of luck!