Solar Powered Tent 2018 – New Camping Style

The Concept Tent (also known as the kaleidoscope or solar powered tents) was thought up due to festivals along with the simple fact that partygoers always have to stay in touch with mates while they are camping and roaming around the festival website. The resulting theory makes for a seriously cool tent with some awesome camping gadgets, which could help inspire a carefree nomadic lifestyle in full size glam camping fashion! Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication designed it in partnership to observe Glastonbury Festival.

Solar Powered Tent 2017

For all of the best bit about it is the revolutionary new way it collects direct sun, and what this layout might imply for luxe glamping and eco camping later on…particularly in the event that you would like to have a nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, if you’re wondering, “when’s this solar tent for sale?” Well we have got information for you there also.

Solar Energy Collection 2018

The notion is that specially coated solar threads are woven right into traditional fabric so designers would not have to use fixed solar panels to harness the energy. It would also have three directional glides that may be moved through the day to maximise solar energy and efficiency collection. A fairly cool tent huh?

Control Centre

However, the most remarkable bit about this theory solar powered tent is its central wireless control hub which lets you find the amount of energy being generated and utilized, as well as sending out a wireless internet signal for anybody who needs to surf the world wide web. The controller hub also has a wireless charging pouch that powers cell phones and other mobile devices with no need for messy wires and multiple chargers. The ‘magnetic induction’ technology extends an electrical current through a coil embedded in the charging pouch and this in turn generates a magnetic field which makes a charge and forces the battery. For non-tecky people out there there… this means it is one exceptionally clever solar tent!

Central Heating

Also controlled by the central hub is the most wonderful bonus for the greatest posh camping experience… an internal heating system. This takes the kind of a heating element that’s embedded inside the tent’s groundsheet giving under floor heating which could be triggered automatically once the temperature falls below a set level.


Eventually, to avoid festival-goers ever losing their tent (uh huh…we know about this!) , the Concept Tent is intended to possess “glo-cation” technology. This operates by allowing the missing camper to find their cool tent by sending out a text message which triggers a distinctive shine in the tent helping them view it from an area. However, before you throw out your old couches, solar panels and thermal underwear you would better note that this Concept Tent is simply that… a concept. It was developed to celebrate Orange’s 11th year in Glastonbury Festival and also — lets face it — a small PR stunt. However we’d love to be optimistic and think that it’s a glimpse of earth friendly trendy camping for 2012 and beyond.