String Art: Spectrum and Radiating Design For Benginers

Holllaa everyone… spring-break-ready third graders are beginning their series art project this week. We’ve prepared the planks by painting them (we’re using cardboard pizza rounds purchased in bulk via Amazon) and adding texture. Next week, we will sketch out our designs and begin stitching. Even if you don’t do that project with the kids, you might wanna watch it for the needle threading trick independently.

string art

There are many techniques of string art but I’ll be introducing my kids to ones that I call Spectrum and Radiating Design. I found the aforementioned, the one I call Radiating Design, for a little more taxing simply because you have to get more yarn to make the lines move all the way round the board.

Spectrum and Radiating Design

This one I’m calling Spectrum. This one is fun because you can use a whole lot of different colours. It is up to the artist just how much stitching occurs within the plan.


My third graders were at the end of the project when I introduced this new one. So during the second half of a single art class, when they were finished with their candy sculptures, then I had them immediately colour, paint and scrape a texture onto their boards.

scrape a texture

Today, the first half of course, we did this. I had a couple of children which were absent the day so that they worked on coloring and painting while the majority did this. Happily, we had this project to also function on. Have I ever told y’all that I have a habit of getting the children work in exactly 37 jobs at once? I ai not proud.

String Art for beginers