Superman #27 Review and SPOILERS – Holiday Road

Now Manchester Black and his Elite were defeated and Superman must spend some time coaching Jon at the craft of using his powers and rescue people, it’s time to get into our next arc, where we see the Kent Family heading out on a road trip. Yeah, that’s about all I got for you since there is not a lot of background that you’re entering this dilemma besides for the fact that Superman has been run ragged from all of his recent adventures and even that’s made very apparent by the beginning of the situation. So yeah, let’s jump into this problem and see what sort of vacation the Kent Family will possess and when anything out of the ordinary will get in their own way. Let us check it out.

Like I mentioned in my intro, this issue begins with Superman being run ragged out of his recent adventures and we view our hero so exhausted that he falls asleep while flying home for the evening. Once he’s house though and has a good night sleep he wakes to discover that Lois was planning a little family vacation in the form of a road trip and has even rented out a Winnegago for their journeys. The only rule for this excursion seems to be no TV, which Jon initially takes quite hard, but quickly gets over it when the family hits the street and all of them select two destinations that they would like to go to. And that is where the problem takes a turn into only being a history lesson about America.

Our first stop however is pretty fun, where Jon includes a petition that he wishes to boogie board down Niagara Falls, but then this issue becomes quite heavy handed in telling Jon and us what sacrifice and honor signifies by heading to the tomb of Deborah Sampson, who was a woman who pretended to be a man so that she could fight in the Revolutionary War and then to the 107th Infantry Memorial, where we all understand how actual war is and that people are bits of shit because they had graffiti a statue such as this and harm it while doing so. Yeah, this isn’t really an enjoyable comic.

Ultimately , we make our way to Independence Hall and find out that the people of Philadelphia are pieces of shit as well because at the end of the afternoon whenever the Kent Family is trying to find somewhere to eat, they ask a homeless vet to have dinner together and the restaurant would like to throw him outside before Clark throws down a big speech about the actors that people honor rather than the county’s actual heroes since we close this problem it appears that simple shouts of passion like this one are enough to change people because the person who owns the restaurant afterward offers the vet work. The family holiday can not be ideal though because although the Kent’s have taken off from their day jobs, Superman is still Superman and has to go off to take care of a Justice League business.

That is it for this issue of Superman and while it may come off seeming anti-American, this matter isn’t fun whatsoever and seems to just be a way for both Tomasi and Gleason to get on their soapboxes about what is wrong with America, while giving you a history lesson about what once made it great. I mean we see Clark Kent being a fantastic man in this issue, but it’s not unexpected because most of us know that Superman is a fantastic guy and the rest of his family are too. So really, there’s nothing going on in this issue aside from to get a history lesson and finding out that individuals are pieces of shit and it is really disappointing due to this. The artwork was fine, but that I was just bored during this narrative and mad that we had to have a problem that compelled an agenda down your throat this hard.

Superman #27 Review and SPOILERS
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Art By: Scott Godlewski, Gabe Eltaeb, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was possibly the most disappointing problem of Superman that we’ve experienced during the Rebirth age of this comic because nothing went down apart for a history lesson about America and finding out that individuals are sometimes parts of shit. The artwork in this matter was fine, but that’s about the one thing which was fine.

Score : 5/10