The Flash #27 Review

The Flash #27 Review – Burning Scared

I wasn’t a fan of the coming inverse Flash. His return after the Button story lessened the impact of Dr. Manhattan and it all only was getting old. Yet, something about last problem and seeing Eobard with his brains and the future to acquire at Barry felt so refreshing. It didn’t hurt that the issue ended with a fairly awesome cliffhanger that had me excited for to the matter. Now that it’s here, did it keep the good times rolling? Let’s find out.

We start off this issue with a little Eobard Thawne narration (from his book The Life and Times of the Flash, the World’s Greatest Hero) and Iris attempting to avoid getting trampled by the blur of two Speedsters fighting each other to the death.

It is Negative Barry vs Eobard at a scrum for the ages.. Throughout the ages. Seriously, the two go through what amounts to human history and use it all for a background of punches and trash talking. While Barry is usually left on the service end of the diss war, this untoward Barry has upped his game. He tells Eobard he forgot about him since…well, he’s forgettable.

All of it ends up back in Barry’s mother and while Eobard attempts to act all cool, he didn’t recognize that Barry had stolen his own abilities. Obviously, Thawne simply tells Barry he’d get his powers back.. Right before Iris rips him besides all the Black Hole gun! It actually was epic!

With Thawne gone, Barry appears to get back to (nearly) ordinary and attempts to make things right with Iris. He promises that the future may still be changed for the better, but if they return to their previous, their difficulties are still about. Wally remains hurt, but healing and Iris can’t trust Barry. He does hint in the Negative Speed Force still in his machine and it appears that that’s what we will deal with following issue.

While I despise seeing Barry and Iris on the workouts, I enjoyed this issue. Recent past may say different, but I am hoping we do not see Thawne for a while so we can just focus on Barry, Wally and Iris.. I can hope that Barry and Iris work things out, right? I am sure some may complain that insufficient happened in this issue, but these last two issues were exactly what I had to return into this book.

Paul Pelletier and Howard Porter share artwork duties and that I loved the appearance of this entire matter. Maybe it was because it was such a quick moving dilemma but I did not even notice the transition in any way. Good job guys!

The Flash #27 Review
Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Paul Pelletier, Howard Porter, Andrew Hennessy, Hi-Fi and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 26, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

Barry is finding out a number of his previous decisions are coming back to bite him in the buttocks while he seems to be winning the day and in case you’ve been thinking of jumping on this publication, now’s a good moment. Recommended.

Score : 8.3/10