The Three Kings – Scary Game to play at night

There exist in the world a number of games which you really shouldn’t playwith. You probably already know one of the most well-known ones — Bloody Mary — but here, in “The Most Dangerous Games,” I’ll be chronicling a number of these lesser-known ones. But seriously, do not play The Three Kings game. Ever. If you MUST play with them, do NOT half-arse them. You never know what you could bring back with you in the event that you screw up.

The Three Kings


1 principal
1 partner

Note: You and your partner should both be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stable. Do NOT attempt if either of you are having serious issues in your life. Do NOT attempt if either of you have consumed drugs or alcohol within the last three to five days.


– 1 large, quiet, empty room. Windowless preferred; if windows are present, cover as completely as possible with curtains, sheets, etc.. Ideal location: Basement.
– 1 pack of candles
– 1 lighter
– 1 bucket of water
– 1 mug
– 1 electric fan
– 2 large mirrors
– 3 chairs
– 1 alarm clock
– 1 fully charged cell phone
– 1 small object of sentimental value


The Prelude:

– Begin at 11pm. Do NOT start if your partner isn’t present and/or has not yet been briefed on his or her function. Your spouse should remain in your home for the entire period of the game.
– Place one chair facing north at the center of your designated dark room. This seat is going to become your throne. Put the other two seats on both sides of your throne, facing it, an arm’s length away. These will be your queen’s chair and your fool’s seat.
– Place one of the two mirrors onto the queen’s chair and another on the fool’s. The mirrors should be vertical to the chairs’ seats and facing both each other and you. You should not have to turn your head or move your eyes to do so.
– Place the bucket of water and the mug in front of you just out of reach.
– Place the fan behind your throne. Set it to medium or low — never high — and turn it on. Make sure it is stationary, not oscillating.
– Leave the room, but keep the door open.
– Go to your bedroom. Set the candles, lighter, alarm clock, and cell phone next to your bed. Make sure your phone is charging and set your alarm clock for 3:30am.
– Turn the lights off, hold your object of sentimental value (your “power thing”), climb into bed, and sleep.

The Main Event:

1. Wake up at 3:30am when your alarm clock goes off. Turn off the alarm, but do not turn on the light. Keep a hold of your power object, pick up your cell phone, light one candle, and return to the dark room. You must be seated in your throne by 3:33am.
2. Do NOT proceed if any of the following occur:

– Your cell phone did not charge.
– Your alarm did not go off precisely at 3:30am.
– You approach the dark room and find the door closed.
– You approach the dark room and find the fan turned off.
– You are not seated in your throne by 3:33am.

Should any of these incidents ensue, take your partner and any other occupants and leave your home. Do not return until after 6am.

3. If you do not experience any red flags, go. Carry your throne, but don’t look directly at both of the mirrors, and don’t let the candle go outside. Use your body to guard the candle in the fan.
4. Keep your eyes focused in the darkness in front of you. Again, don’t look at the mirrors and do not look at the candle. Should you have any queries you wish to inquire, you may inquire today. You might or might not get a response; if you do, your response will come in the direction of a few of those mirrors. Do NOT turn to check out the mirrors. Any answers received should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt; among those mirrors is the queen and you is the fool, but it might not be clear which is which. Also note that to whatever may settle in the mirrors, you yourself are either the queen or the fool.
5. Stay on your throne until 4:34am.

The Ending:

– At 4:34am, your partner should call out your name to end the game.
– Should this fail, your partner should call your cell phone.
– Should this fail, your partner should enter the room and, without touching you, use the bucket of water and mug.

Concerning Failsafes:

– If your body is suddenly moved, the fan will blow out the candle, ending the game.
– Should you become lost or disoriented, your power object will guide your way back.
– Do NOT ignore any of the previously noted red flags prior to seating yourself in your throne.
– Do NOT attempt to stay in your home should these red flags appear.
– Do NOT attempt if you do not completely and totally trust your partner.

Good luck.