Wonder Woman #27 Review & SPOILERS – Heart of the Amazon

Alright, it is time to get back to Shea Fontana’s run on Wonder Woman and her five issues about the core of the Amazon, where we previously saw Diana with a heavy heart about all of the death and destruction she’s seen over the years, but largely about all the people she has not managed to save. This thick topic didn’t last the entire issue though, since Wonder Woman was invited to a wedding by Etta Candy, but seemingly Wonder Woman can not catch a break because while she had been hoping to love herself by playing with Etta’s niece, she came across a bomb under one of their reception tables and while everyone wishes to possess a killer reception. . This is not exactly what they had in mind. Let’s jump into this problem and see how our hero defuses this situation and learn what’s up with the Picket’s physician, Dr. Crawford and why she seemed to get ill from nowhere last matter. Let us test it out Wonder Woman #27 Review.

Wonder Woman #27 Review

Our issue begins with us seeing that Wonder Woman didn’t have time to defuse the bomb or get it the hell out of there and just used her body as a shield to cover the explosion by the rest of the reception guests and while this is a cool concept that actually starts the issue off with a bang, it does not really translate well here because while Destiny, Etta’s niece who was right next to Wonder Woman is nice, the rest of the reception hall along with a lot of the guests appear to get affected by the bomb so it’s a bit wonky. The big part of the scene though is that Etta Candy had a piece of shrapnel embedded in her stomach, which forces Wonder Woman to receive her medical aid immediately.

Too bad Wonder Woman chose the formerly sick Dr. Crawford as her way of aid rather than taking Etta to the hospital since we find out in this issue, Dr. Crawford has been secretly considering using Wonder Woman’s DNA as a way to cure herself of a hereditary disease that’s killing her and after Wonder Woman comes to, after Dr. Crawford’s sedative she gave her, we see that the fantastic doctor has spliced portions of Wonder Woman’s DNA to her own and is now essentially a powerhouse, but because of either the power or her first illness, Dr. Crawford has lost her damn mind.

In the end, Wonder Woman battles it out with Dr. Crawford and handles to beat her when she ties the Perfect about her and states that the stolen DNA within Dr. Crawford is not her truth. . Making it go away. Yeah, I really don’t agree with this use of the lasso and it comes off a bit hokey, but in the end Wonder Woman goes into the hospital to see Etta and binge watch every episode of Friends with her while she recuperates and I expect Wonder Woman gets her rest in when she is here because it seems that a hit as completed on the dark net on the Amazon Princess.

That is it for this issue of Wonder Woman and while I had been really looking forward to what we were going to get from that problem after reading the past, I have to say that this was a bit of a let down since everything came off actually forced to get us into our decision. Dr. Crawford was ill last issue and planted a bomb in the wedding (which we did not talk again in this issue) only so Wonder Woman could show up at her office so that the doctor could steal her DNA. I love Mirka Andolfo’s artwork, but that too came off somewhat odd here also because after the explosion at the start of this issue, I really didn’t know what was going on because Diana appeared to include it and even the little girl Destiny, who was right next to her was fine, but yet the whole damn reception hallway was crumbling around everyone and it seemed strange. I still have high hopes for the remainder of this arc, but this problem just was not very good in the long term.

Wonder Woman #27 Review
Written By: Shea Fontana
Art By: Mirka Andolfo, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 26, 2017

Bits and Pieces:

While I was all excited for Shea Fontana’s run after reading the preceding issue, this chapter really made me pause and rethink that stance somewhat because everything we get in this is a forced mess simply to get us to our decision and because of this it came off really unsatisfactory. I still love the artwork overall, but even that came off perplexing occasionally, but all in all I still anticipate what we will get following, but this issue was a misstep.

Score : 5.5/10